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Our MISSION is to raise the standard of living for the citizens of the world.

  Our three interdependent pillars:

HEALTH - Enabling  advances in biomedical research to reach the citizens of the world through clinical research and bedside deployment.

HABITAT  - Sustainable living ---> food, water, shelter, housing, clothing

TALENTS - (Acquisition and Growth of intellectual and financial talent(s))

-Education, Training and Working

-Securing capital for growth

-Securing and Growing Assets

-Financial management services for the wealthy and not-so-wealthy

How We Help

Health Care Advancement - 

  - Medical capacity building in the developing world

  - Identifying and developing biomedical advances

  - Deployment throughout the world


Habitat Stewardship

   Sustainable resources to better feed, clothe and shelter

Talent Development - 

   Educational and Training Initiatives

   Securing and Growing Financial Assets

Modus Operandi


Impact Investments -  We put Capital to work for mankind's advancement. 

Investing Capital to address the global problems is laudable. Solving a problem and returning a profit is sustainable.

We analyze a problem and identify affordable and sustainable solutions.


 - We devote a great deal of effort to the identification of cutting edge technologies that provide preventive, transformative, disruptive, synergistic and/or cheaper treatment options to improve the status quo.( e.g. 1) the menace of mosquito borne viruses such as Zika and Dengue matched with new antivirals) or 2) late stage cancer diagnosis is directly correlated with poor prognosis so we identify a low cost method for early cancer detection) or 3) lack of blood banks in the developing world contribute to trauma deaths, this is overcome with preserved platelets and oxygen carrying nanoparticles that do not have cold storage issues).

HABITAT  -  The utilization of sustainable and recycled resources is the best long term solution for meeting the essentials of daily living.  We work with leaders in the field of renewable energy and sustainable habitats to develop better solutions to provide the essential of daily living (food, water, shelter). (e.g. 1) fish farming technology, hydroponics and hydrology can increase food production and water quality, 2) plastic pollution is reduced with the introduction of enhanced functional natural textiles, 3) building materials that are durable, affordable and recyclable).


- Putting Capital to work for mankind's economic growth. 

-Education and Training is essential to create employment opportunities.  

-Digital Education technology brings these skills to citizens of low and middle income countries.

-Local economies can meet the demands for improved goods and services.  (e.g. production expansion through micro-lending initiatives). 

-Financial stewardship skills are taught and start-up businesses are mentored.

-Impact Investors are aided with innovative and traditional Wealth Management services and investment opportunities.


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Our Services

Technology Investment Opportunities

We identify and validate investment ready and worthy technology opportunities.  This includes developing a personal understanding of each individual company's barriers to success. 

Startup Company Stewardship

Innovators are brilliant but often business-challenged.  The business team at Mariam expands their bandwidth through the application of experienced business know how and industry connections.   (e.g. financing, legal, regulatory, business structure, manufacturing, sales, etc.)

Development, Deployment, Distribution

Our global connections can lower the cost curve on testing new technologies and provide a fast track for market deployment and international distribution.

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